Gourmet Flavored Almonds

Please Note: We are currently sold out of all flavors, but more are on the way, please check back later.

From the fertile valley of the Sutter Buttes in California, our premium almonds have been specially roasted, salted or candied from our family to yours.

The Tarke family has now been farming in the Sutter Buttes region since 1856. We have 6 generations of experience to ensure that our products are only the best tasting, highest quality almonds you have ever tasted.

Whether you try our gourmet roasted almonds or our natural unflavored almonds, remember that almonds are packed with good things you need. One ounce of almonds provides 12% of you recommended daily allowance of protein, 35% of vitamin E, 8% of your calcium, 20% of your daily magnesium and 12% of your daily fiber. All that, and no cholesterol!